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Flipping a mesh?


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Hi Josh, good to hear from you.  Have you got a moment to tell us more about what you're trying to do?  Most folk flip a mesh with a .rotation property... but you are obviously working with bones or something unique.  Are you looking to transform all the vertex positions to perform the flip?  Is there blender-made animation on the bones? (thx)

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Sorry, but when I say "flip", I don't mean rotate - I mean like mirroring it. 

Basically I have an arm... a left arm, as a matter a fact. I'm needing to flip the arm to turn it into a right arm! :)


I tried scaling it like (0,-1,0), and it almost works, but the mesh looks strange... so that doesn't work. And ye, it's animated via blender.

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After having scaled at -1, if you can get/instantiate the vertexData relative to your mesh, you can then use this :




With BACKSIDE orientation value parameter, this fonction will reorder your indices and invert the normals the right way.

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Ok, so I've been trying to get this working, to no avail. :/


I've tried many different variations, and it still don't work. Here's what I got working:




And here's the code:

                var vertices = _this.mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind);                var indices = _this.mesh.getIndices();                var normals = _this.mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.NormalKind)                var vertexData = BABYLON.VertexData._ComputeSides(BABYLON.Mesh.BACKSIDE,                    vertices,                    indices,                    normals                    );                _this.mesh.setVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind,vertices);                _this.mesh.setVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.NormalKind, normals);                _this.mesh.setIndices(indices)                //Re add them                var vertices = _this.mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind);                var indices = _this.mesh.getIndices();                var normals = _this.mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.NormalKind)                BABYLON.VertexData.ComputeNormals(vertices,indices,normals);


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I guess you should re-compute sides just after the computeNormals, but it's not necessary imo because normals are already set and before re-adding them to the mesh

ComputeSides needs a uvs parameter also (give the original mesh uvs array - what you should do - or just an empty array for testing ... well, it's required only for DOUBLESIDE indeed)


something like :

var vertices = _this.mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind);var indices = _this.mesh.getIndices();var normals = _this.mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.NormalKind)var uvs = [];BABYLON.VertexData.ComputeNormals(vertices,indices,normals);var vertexData = BABYLON.VertexData._ComputeSides(BABYLON.Mesh.BACKSIDE,vertices,indices,normals,uvs);_this.mesh.setVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind,vertices);_this.mesh.setVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.NormalKind, normals);_this.mesh.setIndices(indices);

it just looks like an order problem

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