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save-load lost geometries


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Hi, guru's!


Please help me, if possible :)


I make saver for scenes. And mett problem:


After loading property of Mesh geometry sets in undefinded and scene.gScene.getGeometries()  returning empty array :(


normals, positions, indices, etc for meshes in .babylon file is present.

also its information duplicated in [geometries] section as "geometries":[{"vertexData":[HERE]}

geometryID property for meshes is setup too. And for geometries too.



But, after loading meshes in scenes dont have geometry property and scene haven't any geometries.


Please help my, i'm in deadlock.


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Hello and welcome,


can you provide more details? Like code examples?




Thanks for answer! Problem is solved.

Simple exclude [geometries] section, and meshes geometries now described in meshes section.

Its work, and while its enough for my test project :)


p. s. i try attach .babylon file twice, but forum not show this :( 

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