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BABYLON.Scene missing methods in babylon.x.x.d.ts


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I wanted to remove my 2nd camera from a scene and only add it back when it was needed. There is a public method removeCamera(), but it is not in the babylon.x.x.d.ts.  In fact, there is a whole bank of methods not available.  Is there a way other than either disposing & recreating, or not using typescript?


Missing bank:

public addMesh(newMesh: AbstractMesh) public removeMesh(toRemove: AbstractMesh): number public removeLight(toRemove: Light): number public removeCamera(toRemove: Camera): number public addLight(newLight: Light) public addCamera(newCamera: Camera)
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I went next to try using Light.includeOnlyWithLayerMask, & found it missing too.  Looked in GitHub & d.ts file is a month old.  No one ever PR's this file including me (I do not usually even do the individual .js's).


I gulped a fresh one for myself, but one in repository is getting too stale.

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