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Get Texture size


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I want to get the texture size I'm loading with the AssetsManager : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#28QGCJ#2


In the onSuccess function, this does not work : 


But this works : 

setTimeout(function() {			     console.log(task.texture.getBaseSize());}, 1);

Can you tell me why ?


Thanks !

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@fenomas Thank you.


@DK, would it be possible to get these lines : 

texture._baseWidth = width;texture._baseHeight = height;texture._width = potWidth;texture._height = potHeight;texture.isReady = true;

Before the processFunction in prepareWebGLTexture ?

It solves my problem. 

If yes, I can submit a PR for this.



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Nice find/fix, Temechon!


This kind of bug is called a "wife bug".  I don't have a wife, but... I know how it works.


When a wife is scheduled to go somewhere with her husband... the husband will poll "Are you ready?"


Wife:  "Yes, I'm ready, I just need to do a couple more little things."


So, the return from the isReady() call... ==> .75  BOOLEAN!  (3/4 true)


This continues for many more isReady() pollings, and eventually the caller forces wife.isReady = true; and then the program counter moves-on, isReady or not.  :)  But watch out for try/catch causing a raise(hell) error.

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