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Develop a Mobile Phone HTML5 Game


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We are looking for a developer that enjoys making enjoyable user experiences. The aim is to make little games that will be used in material for learning languages. It absolutely has to work well on mobile phones. On desktop computers it should also work, but it isn’t a primary target, personal devices are.

Your first task will be to develop a small subgame based on a screen mockup and a description. You will
1) Clarify which image/sound assets you need for the game
2) Ask questions to ensure that you do the correct task
3) Spend 1-2 days implementing the game with module/integration tests
4) Spend 1 day making demo and basic UI test work
To let us get a feel for your focus and skill as a developer, please answer these questions:
1) What is the difference between the JavaScript expressions `x == null` and `!x` ?
2) Please read up on the game development kit Phaser and list pros and cons
3) Do you have a preferred framework for developing a Mobile HTML5 2D game ?
4) How would you make automated tests for a game? which parts? how much?
5) Have you worked with Browserify/Webpack/Babel ?
6) Have you worked with React or Angular ?
7) Would you prefer Kanban or Scrum and why ?
We want or games to fit the purpose of learning rather than entertainment. While I’m sure you can live with developing any type of game regardless of the look, we all have preferences. Do you have an esthetic preference for either of these rather than the other?
Source Code
Your code must be put in our private repository on GitHub. A demo must be updated to do test runs of the game and others in the repository. There must be decent test coverage. You must be on GitHub already. Please state your experience with:
1) Developing Games with JavaScript
2) Game frameworks like Phaser and Pixi
3) Contributing to OSS on GitHub
4) git flow
5) build servers/hubot/other automation
6) Selenium / Cucumber / Protractor
7) GitHub Issue tracker / Trello
The code developed must be signed over to Right Here Inc.
I expect this to be a super simple task for a skilled developer so we both can find out if we work well together. Fixed price $400.
You can reach me at [email protected]
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