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Can't seem to be able to render text


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First off great job on Phaser so far. It's shaping-up to be a great HTML5 engine.

I am, however, having an issue with rendering text. It just doesn't seem to work :(


Looking through the files in the WIP folder I found some text examples. When I run them, I get the following error:

  1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'size' of undefined inBitmapText.js:82


That bit of code seems to be trying to read a property called data.size, which is obviously null. I don't know much about Pixi.js, but on line 75 where the data object is created, I think something is going awry. I'm using Phaser.CANVAS for my rendering mode, and the name of the font I'm passing-in is just "Arial". I should also note that I get the exact same error when I try to create text in my own projects, so something's going on there.


Any help getting custom text to render would be greatly appreciated, and keep up the good work!

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