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REALLY struggling with layers


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Hi, I'm using phaser and it works well for every aspect up to now EXCEPT layers.

No matter what I can't fathom how they work.


I add elements to them and then sort them, BUT based on WHERE I add them, the sort has a different effect.


Anyhow here's my problem today:


I have HANGAR which is a state, so I delcare it with some layers:

hangar = function(game){        this.layerBg          = game.add.group();        this.layerShips       = game.add.group();}

I then extend the prototype adding a create function that adds to the layers:

hangar.prototype = {    init: function(selectedItem){       ...    },    preload: function(){       ...    },    create: function(){        this.createBackground();    }}

I then add the method separately:

hangar.prototype.createBackground = function() {        layerBg    = this.layerBg;	bg_start = this.game.add.sprite( hangarbg_start_x, this.game.world.centerY, 'hangarbg_start');        bg_start.anchor.setTo(0, 0.5);        bg_start.z = 1;        layerBg.add(bg_start);}

... as you can see, simple stuff.


Do you think it shows up? NO WAY.


- If I look inside the layer object I can see it in there via console.

- If I don't add it to the group I can see it correctly.


These layers are really in need of a WIKI-sort of explanation.


Can someone please help?


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You should create your groups inside of the 'create' method, not in the constructor - at that point in time it's probably not even the active state, so the groups are likely cleared from the display list by the time the state is active.

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