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how to tell which button was clicked using PIXI.js


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Hi. I figured I would move the post here in the general section... 


I have three buttons that i want to give the same function too (noop)...

btn3Graph.on('click', noop)
function noop(event) {

When I trace event.data.target I get null but i really want the name btn3Graph, 

because depending on the button click it will do a different action..


event.data.originalEvent.target  results in the html canvas or the dom element, which makes sense 

because pixi runs on canvas but what about the sprites and movieclips within Pixi



event.data.originalEvent.target returns html canvas element but in the docs here 

http://pixijs.github...actionData.html it says its supposed to return sprite. Maybe Im missing something

thanks in advance


One thing i forgot to mention that would help you help me... The goal is to have one function that is the callback for all my buttons, and within it i have a case statement that determines what code to run depending on which button was clicked... orrr should i scrap that i idea and have different functions...I am thinking in terms of actionscript 3 by the way... 




after reading


How would do I do what i asked before..

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It looks like all you need to do is set the interactive property on your sprite instance to true...like so:

btn3Graph.interactive = true;btn3Graph.on('click', noop);function noop(event) {   ...}

Better yet you could bind the click handler directly to the stage instance and handle all your click events there...

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