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HTML5 game rewrite (pixi.js?)

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We have a simple javascript animation/game module embedded into our website. The module uses currently 2D canvas and is based on CAAT. Unfortunately, CAAT is dead and not maintained anymore. Furthermore, CAAT's WebGL and resizing support is broken.

Your job will be to rewrite the existing module using a modern and supported game framework (pixi.js maybe, but we're open to suggestions). The goal of the job is to obtain a new version of our game module that can be maintained in the future.

- uses a current and well supported js game framework
- very clean code, well structured
- replicated existing functionality (or improve on it)
- automatic and reliable switching between 2D canvas and WebGL
- resizing support (doesn't have to be arbitrary, we can restrict this to a set of possible sizes)

Some info's on current version of the module:
- written in pure Javascript and CAAT (https://github.com/hyperandroid/caat)
- well structured, clean code, and documented
- we provide existing module, test cases/website, and all artwork
- uses solely 2D, no 3D functions
- in case of questions, the original developer can be contacted

To be clear: our main goal is to obtain a new game module that is maintainable in the future. It must be future-proof in terms of framework choices and in terms of code cleanliness/documentation.

The job is not extremely urgent, so work can be done in a flexible way of the following weeks.

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Hey --


My name is Ted and I've coded with Pixi a bunch.  


Here's a link to a little application (using pixi) I made yesterday:  http://tryingsomething.com/exercises/_46.php.  And in case you want to see more, there are a bunch on that site (tryingsomething.com) and I have a lot of others too.


I'd love to work on your game with you.  Let me know if you still need someone.





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