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Collision's between a group and phaser objetc's


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I think what you're looking for is: 


this.physics.arcade.collide( this.myShoots, this.asteroids);     //put this in your update function (will differ if you're using stages/states)


and then you'll have to define the 'myShoots' function and the "asteroids" function just bellow your update function, before your closing }; . 


I hope this is what you were looking for! Play around with your code. it seems like it's 10% "coding" 90% debugging haha..



lol my bad:


this.physics.arcade.collide( this.myShoots, this.asteroids); //this will make them collide 


this.physics.arcade.overlap( this.myShoots, this.asteroids, this.die, null, this); //so this says when the shot and the astroid collide execute the third parameter "die". don't forget to make the functions! 

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