MAGES - Math Applet Generator for Elementary School (WIP)

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Hello, everyone.  I’ve posted a couple of educational games here previously, but I wanted to let you know about a project I’m building using the phaser game engine.


Mages is an HTML5 Educational Math Applet Generator.  It allows users to create variable math problems with a variety of definable, interactive objects, and is geared toward elementary school mathematics pedagogy.  The program runs in two modes:


In load mode, the user selects the applet id, and solves the applet.  If the user has successfully solved the applet, the done button will disappear.


In build mode the user can create applets by choosing various object from the menu, setting the attributes for those object, and then generating the json definitions necessary to paste into the applets.json file.  


Here is a demo of 3 applets being built and run: https://youtu.be/zOboDzJOdY8


Here is Mages on github: https://github.com/soundgnome/mages


Mages is designed to be the integrated into a larger piece of educational software, such as an online textbook, math game, or digital learning environment.  Mages is licenced under a Creative Commons 4.0 International Attributional License, and is developed in Javascript using phaser and bootbox.  

It is my hope that it will one day be part of a Free alternative to expensive per-student-license educational software.

Mages is very much a work in progress.  I host a reasonably stable copy here: https://phaser-jgordon510.c9.io/MagesPublicpost-13754-0-66087500-1431734549.jpgpost-13754-0-50150600-1431734550.jpgpost-13754-0-01808000-1431734551.jpgpost-13754-0-51464700-1431734551.jpgpost-13754-0-02133500-1431734552.jpgpost-13754-0-45169600-1431734552.jpgpost-13754-0-94904000-1431734552.jpgpost-13754-0-52079800-1431734553.jpgpost-13754-0-01259700-1431734554.jpgpost-13754-0-42742100-1431734554.jpgpost-13754-0-67297100-1431734557.jpgpost-13754-0-18595500-1431734558.jpgpost-13754-0-67219000-1431734558.jpgpost-13754-0-11093300-1431734559.jpgpost-13754-0-50893300-1431734559.jpgpost-13754-0-30638500-1431734560.jpgpost-13754-0-74606800-1431734560.jpgpost-13754-0-49843600-1431734561.jpg

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