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V3 loader vs V2 loader


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New to Pixi.js and JS OOP in general. 

The old super simple v2 asset loader looks like this (but doesn't work with pixi.js V3):

var loader = new PIXI.AssetLoader(["images/cat.png"]);loader.onComplete = setup;loader.load();

What's does the new V3 asset loader look like? 

Did the loaders for Atlas change too?
What else changed in V3 where V2 code no longer works?


Thanks, was pulling my hair out trying to do a tutorial, found out it was not working cause I had v2 code in the project with V3 pixi version :( grrr...

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Pixi v3 uses a new module we built called "resource-loader":


A pre-made instance with the Pixi.js built-in middleware is available for use at "PIXI.loader". You can also create your own custom one by creating an instance of "PIXI.loaders.Loader".

Your example using the v3 loader:

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