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Audio not playing in Firefox 38.0.1


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Hi guys,

I'm using phaser in a gamejam right now and it's an amazing engine.

I'm having some problem with playing a mp3 sound...

When i use sound.play(), the sound plays fine in chrome but not in firefox(version 38.0.1 and windows 8 x64).

The same thing happen with the audio code examples from the phaser.io website( i already tested the firefox sound with youtube and http://hpr.dogphilosophy.net/test/ , and the sound is working)

This is my code:

        this.load.audio('victory', 'audio/sound.mp3'); //i checked the request on firebug and it's OK - 200

        this.victorysound = this.add.audio('victory');


I don't know if it is something related with firefox or the phaser, if someone can help me.





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The MP3 audio format (.mp3, audio/mpeg; distinct from the above MP3 audio in an MP4 container case) is supported in <audio> by Firefox/Firefox for Android/Firefox OS when the operating system provides an MP3 decoder, and by Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

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