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Arcade object's x & y keep increasing


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I'm working on storing the locations of objects in a JSON file, and then place objects in the create function. But I'm noticing a weird bug. The JSON looks like this:

{    "bigRocks":[      {"x":"420", "y":"200"},      {"x":"699", "y":"1350"}    ],    "treeLogs":[      {"x":"250", "y":"500"},      {"x":"856", "y":"400"}    ],    "hunters":[      {"x":"50", "y":"140"},      {"x":"1150", "y":"2885"}    ]  }

I load in this JSON like this:

game.load.text('locations', 'assets/locations.json');

in preload and then I use this in create:

game.cache._text.locations.data = JSON.parse(game.cache.getText('locations'));

and for creating objects:

//Enemy hunters  hunters = game.add.group();  hunters.enableBody = true;  hunters.physicsBodyType = Phaser.Physics.ARCADE;  var hunterLocations = game.cache.getText('locations').hunters;  objectQuantity = Object.keys(hunterLocations).length;  hunters.createMultiple(objectQuantity, 'zookeeper');  var i = 0;  hunters.forEach(function(item){    item.reset(hunterLocations[i]['x'], hunterLocations[i]['y']);    item.body.static = true;    i++;  });

I'm using the same method for P2 physics objects, but when I do this for arcade physics objects I notice something weird;

when I console.log the hunterLocations or item.x or item.y in the function above the positions are right. But when I console.log them in the update function like this:

hunters.forEach(function(item){  console.log("hunter x: "+ item.x);  console.log("hunter y: "+ item.y);});

every update a 0 is added to the item.x and item.y. So it starts at 1150,800, then 11500,8000, then 115000,80000 etc.


I've tried lots of things including storing the x and y in a variable first before using item.reset but all with the same result. The only time it works is when I just use numbers or variables defined in the game file.


I'm really lost and thinking this is a bug, but I'm not sure. Help would be appreciated!




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It's because the data types are strings and this is JavaScript working its wonderful weird magic when adding numbers to strings. Try this:

var x = parseInt(hunterLocations[i]['x'], 10);var y = parseInt(hunterLocations[i]['y'], 10);item.reset(x, y);
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