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Rotating the camera on swipe


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I want to rotate the camera left on swipe left for example. 

Now I put 

camera.rotation.y = camera.rotation.y-0.5;

And it changes very abruptly. 


I think camera.cameraDirection = camera.cameraDirection.add(new BABYLON.Vector3 should be used but here enter the sinus and cosinus which I do not know at all :-) Could someone please help?

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Hi again, Dimitry... good to hear from you.  Have you tried our TouchCamera?


Here's somebody's demo... I added a touchCamera to it.  But I have no touch devices to test-with.  Does it work ok for you?  Does it swipe nicely?


The slim documentation is in our Camera Tutorial under "Unique Purpose Cameras" - http://babylondoc.azurewebsites.net/page.php?p=22061


If the touchCamera isn't quite right, it can be modified quite easily.  Keep us posted... thx!

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