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Every second tile not showing properly in Tiled blocked layer


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I'm making a basic sidescroller/platformer but am having an issue where every second tile in the blocked/collision layer is not showing properly. Sorry if this is a total noob question!


I have a level I've made in Tiled with the following:

  • itemLayer (object layer)
  • blockedLayer (tile layer)
  • backgroundLayer (tile layer)


All the tiles within the scope on the very first screen (i.e. before the player has moved) show properly but as soon as the player moves to the right, the next tile on the blocked layer takes a moment to load (note this is not happening with the background layer or object layer) and then every second tile doesn't seem to show (pic here). The collision with the blocked layer generally works, except it's slightly off, so the player will fall off the end of a platform prematurely (see here).


When the player goes backwards, although each tile takes a second to load (see circled here), the blocked layer does show properly, with no gaps. Then as soon as the player goes forwards/right, it does it again.


I am using the latest version of Phaser and get the same issue on both Chrome and Firefox.


I switched to an older version of Phaser (2.1.2) which gave me a different error, i.e that the initial blocked layer tile graphics that are loaded stay on the screen and don't change at all while the player moves right, although again, the item and background layer and collision still works fine.


Anyone have any ideas?


Thanks for your help!

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