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Found 12 results

  1. A Space shooter game build with Phaser 3. Download it for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kpagan.RebelWings The player controls the ship, shooting laser to enemies, launching homing missiles and fighting bosses. Each level the enemies differ, more difficult enemies are added and more difficult bosses. Each boss moves on its own unique pattern. Collect power ups like health, missiles, and bomb that kills every visible enemy to clear the stage. Fight through 16 ready levels. Collect the parts from the exploded enemy ships. Use the collected scrap as a currency to upgrade your own ship. Upgrades can be done 4 basic areas: 1. The Laser: rate of fire, damage and multiple shots 2. The missile: damage, accuracy and how many missiles your ship can carry 3. Engines: how fast can you move 4. Ship: how many hit points the ship has Check the teaser video here:
  2. My first ever Javascript program. Used p5 for some reason here too. Anyway, simple 2D sidescroll jump around whatever. Still wondering is JS or C# the one i would like to use for my future (and prpably similar) projects. Playable game via browser here. GitHub link here. Check readme.MD at github if you want to learn more. Rock on and prospect.
  3. Website Link I have been learning PixiJs for some time now, and recently I wanted to put everything I learned into one small project to deepen my understanding of it. And it happened that I was playing the great game "Night in the Woods", so I decided to make a 2D side-scroller web app with the same feel and look of the game and can be used as the game promotional website. As I said earlier, I am not experienced in Pixi.js, so there has been many obstacles and TONS of refactoring along the way. Initially, I started building the app with vanilla JavaScript, then it became clear that TypeScript would be a much better option. Finding the appropriate project structure proved to be a much harder thing than I thought it would be, and I wished that there was some general structure or "template" online that I could have used as the base for my project. In the beginning, I thought about using a proper game engine ( as Phaser ) instead of the more general purposed rendering engine Pixi.Js, but I continued with it because I wanted to have a deeper understanding about the basics and lower-level stuff, then I may go to a full games engine. It was very hard at times, and many basic features are not implemented ( like multi-animations sprite ), but at the same time it was very informative ( and fun ). I uploaded the project code on Github for anyone interested: Github Repo I would love to hear your feedback and opinions.
  4. This is my second game made in Phaser 3. It is a side scroller and is made only for mobile devices. Do check out and review. Sketched
  5. Hi all, I would like to introduce Stupax: A different sidescroller game, where you are not the guy, you are the level! In fact you control a movable platform using the arrow keys or your gamepad (Gamepad API) to help the guy (namely Stupax) to get through the levels. You can play the game here: http://mbarde.bplaced.de/stupax/ Controls: Arrow keys / Gamepad 'R' for level restart 'ESC' pause game and open menu Create and test your own levels here: http://mbarde.bplaced.de/stupax/editor.html You can find further information on my website and view the source code including contributions for the music, sounds and textures on GitHub.
  6. Hi there! I'm trying to create an indefinite 1-way sidescroller game with a randomly generated World. For this conveniently to work I have prefactored blueprint-Tilemaps with the Tiled-Editor, which I want to glue together whenever the player moves into an unloaded area. I've already achieved to create a big level before it starts by appending layers (layers[0].data-array) together, but this is performance-heavy and does not work well on slow devices. In this context I've decided start with a small pregenerated map, which gets changed while the player is running through the level from left to right. I want to unload chunks of the map when the players leaves them and stick a new blueprint in front before the player reaches the right side, so you think the level is Indefinite. Phase 1: Create a tilemap from a few blueprints stitched together (works) Phase 2: Start the level: the player runs on the map from left right until the level end is near. (works) Phase 3: Randomly pick a prefactored blueprint and stick it on the right side of the map and update the size of it (does not work for me dynamically) Phase 4: Unload/remove left part of the map, which the player has left (have not tried yet) So my question for you: How can I update a tilemap after changing its size so it gets rendered/loaded correctly? Especially changing the world size/borders, as I cannot find a Phaser example for this use case. What I have tried so far: A ) Using the same method from Phase 1: I'm combining Tilemap.layers[0].data from the different blueprints and update layers[0].width and layers[0].height) B ) Adding Layers to the Tilemap.layers Array and offsetting layers[1].x by layers[0].width. A and B do not render the updated tilemap, sadly, even when using .resizeWorld() after the change. Thank you for reading this far and maybe leaving a helpful reply. =)
  7. I've played with Phaser for a little bit and I like the framework, I would really like to make a beat em up style sidescroller with a short z axis, a la Double Dragon, Streets of Rage etc. where the players can move up and down along a semi 3d plane. Question is, can this even be done with Phaser? Can anyone recommend a tutorial, or a Github project where I can check out the source code? I have been googling for hours and I don't know if I am missing the right keywords, or if there is just zero information on the web about this. Any direction would be a huge help.
  8. RayBurst is an action-packed, high-speed side-scroller game. Pick from 4 unique playable characters, each with their own strenghts, in order to combat hordes of dragons on various missions. Let me know what you think! Html5 demo: http://www.rayburst.net/game/index.html Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fulgryph.rayburstGP Amazon Underground: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G5U97Z2/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_akmtxb0CJ9ME5 2nd Trailer: I submitted to Tizen as well, but it hasn't finished validation yet.
  9. Demon’s Cave – a game in which you need to fly to a cave and dodge the rocks, collecting coins! Virgil – a brave demon hunter, his plane and enthusiastic attempts to catch the legendary demon planet Sirius 9. This is my second game in gamedev world, and first one for HTML5. Hope you will like it, and give me feedback) Demon's Cave Game
  10. HI all, I am new to Phaser and am so far having fun After finishing the "creating your first game" tutorial I started extending the project, but i am having trouble with 'body.blocked' functionality - both left and right are always false, even though my character is walking into the wall repeatedly. Here I am registering collision between the player and my wall tiles: game.physics.arcade.collide(player, walls);Immediately after this, I do a simple check to see if i cannot move left or right anymore: if (player.body.blocked.left || player.body.blocked.right) However, both the left and right booleans are always false, and my character continues to walk into the wall. Does anyone have any suggestions how I might be able to fix this? Thanks, Jamie
  11. I'm making a basic sidescroller/platformer but am having an issue where every second tile in the blocked/collision layer is not showing properly. Sorry if this is a total noob question! I have a level I've made in Tiled with the following: itemLayer (object layer)blockedLayer (tile layer)backgroundLayer (tile layer) All the tiles within the scope on the very first screen (i.e. before the player has moved) show properly but as soon as the player moves to the right, the next tile on the blocked layer takes a moment to load (note this is not happening with the background layer or object layer) and then every second tile doesn't seem to show (pic here). The collision with the blocked layer generally works, except it's slightly off, so the player will fall off the end of a platform prematurely (see here). When the player goes backwards, although each tile takes a second to load (see circled here), the blocked layer does show properly, with no gaps. Then as soon as the player goes forwards/right, it does it again. I am using the latest version of Phaser and get the same issue on both Chrome and Firefox. I switched to an older version of Phaser (2.1.2) which gave me a different error, i.e that the initial blocked layer tile graphics that are loaded stay on the screen and don't change at all while the player moves right, although again, the item and background layer and collision still works fine. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help!
  12. My first game with the phaser framework. It's a browser game where you control a bird & a little guy to help them escape. You can switch between the bird and Finn and need to catch the feathers to stay alive. This is just the first version of the game and we are probably going to expand the game with more powerups and enemy's in the near future... Here is the link to the game if you want to try it out http://www.siebevd.be/Finn Let me know what you think about it.
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