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Canvas to canvas rendering?


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I want a canvas that is seperate from Phaser, but can be used as a sprite.


What I'm thinking:

  1. Start phaser
  2. Start another canvas mini renderer (this canvas is not in the dom)
  3. Move stuff around in the mini renderer
  4. When the mini renderer is finished let phaser consume its canvas as a sprite
  5. Keep doing steps 3 and 4


I know how I would do it if I were building my own renderer, but I would rather not do that. ;)


It would be nice if it can be done with Phaser without using Phaser built in structures, so I can transfer the object to a different framework if I like.


In other words I don't want my mini renderer to depend on Phaser, but I still want to use Phaser.


Also there is the BitmapData object, but I don't yet know how Phaser consumes those. Are BitmapDatas rerenderable? I'd like to be able to render before every time phaser renders.


The docs for BitmapData say: So if you need to dynamically create a Sprite texture then they are a good choice.

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