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Referencing Variables Instantiated in init() in Custom Functions


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I am having some trouble getting my parallax layers to start moving on the x-axis once the player presses right or left. In my init() function in main.js I have added parallax layers via the following code:

var backgroundTrees = this.addParallax('tree-3.png', 400, 0);var midgroundTrees = this.addParallax('tree-2.png', 300, 0,);var foregroundtrees = this.addParallax('tree.png', 200, 0);

the addParallax method:

addParallax: function(texture, pos, speed) {            var sprite = new game.TilingSprite(texture, game.system.width);            sprite.speed.x = speed;            sprite.position.y = game.system.height - sprite.height - pos;            this.addObject(sprite);            this.stage.addChild(sprite);            return sprite;},

the keydown function:

keydown: function(key) {            if (key === "RIGHT" || key === "LEFT") {                this.player.run(key);                this.startParallax();            }},

the startParallax function:

startParallax: function() {            backgroundTrees.speed.x = -100;            midgroundTrees.speed.x = -200;            foregroundTrees.speed.x = -300;}

Basically, when the user presses right or left, the animation of the player changes to running. In addition to this, I am trying call a custom function, startParallax(), that will set the x-speed of the parallax layers to the desired speed. When I run this I receive the following errors in the console:


"ReferenceError: backgroundTrees is not defined"


If I comment out that line, it will display the same message for midgroundTrees, etc.


What do I need to do in order to reference the parallax sprites in order to get them to start moving? Can it be in a custom function as described above?

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