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Need HTML5 Programmer


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I am the developer of Super Combat Squadron, a casual multiplayer RTS.  




Our team, Lax Viking Games, consists of me and one artist.  This has been a hobby project but it is reaching a point where I cannot do all of the development myself and expect to finish the game in a reasonable time.  We have had interest from several portals/sponsors and want to get this game finished this year if possible.


Here is a trailer that shows some gameplay.


Here are some of my other games.


The artist's portfolio. 


We are looking for a partner to help with this project and, with luck, future projects as well.



  • Javascript/HTML5
  • Have worked on at least one completed game, no matter how small

Big plusses:

  • Phaser.io experience
  • Experience publishing HTML5 game to mobile.


  • European timezone
  • Node.js experience


Please pm me or reply here if you are interested. Just to clarify, we have a budget of $0.00 so this is not a paying position.  We are looking to form a partnership which will include revenue sharing. 

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I have some game dev experience in Flash/AS3, published games on Kongregate and Newgrounds plus Chrome Web Store. The games are my own designs. Recently I started with Phaser and reworked one of my games in it, http://wml-spinnerbox.rhcloud.com/

I also started porting this game on mobile for android. It is still work in progress, need to match scaling but all in all the apk works fine mobile as in web.


I am from Macedonia UTC + 2. Will have to learn Node.js for this, which I had in plan in near future :)


The game reminds me of Battalion Nemesis which was turn based strategy Flash game.


Also good uplifting music in intro. It has that retro feel.


So you are EU based studio?

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@spinnerbox: We are based in Sweden and Canada.  Can you link some of your flash games so I can try them out?



@dimumurray: The sprites are all original, although they were inspired by Advance Wars.  We have made efforts to move the design further away from AW since that screenshot was taken, as you can maybe see from the trailer.

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I did try to build my own game engine, but I got bored and left the game as it is, though it has potential. It was next in queue for reworking. http://www.kongregate.com/games/spinnerbox/space-invasion-first-contact


The other two educational games were made with PushButtonEngine and they were made in two weeks. Turns like smaller projects are more sucesful than bigger ones :D


Do you like what you see?

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If you are still looking


I am a 31 year old front end developer who is trying to get on and get some titles under my belt. Let me know if you have any more specific questions but I answered yours below.



  • Javascript/HTML5: I have over ten years developing HTML/JS, as well as have been developing in HTML5 and ECMA6 for a while now. I also am a professional front end developer.
  • Have worked on at least one completed game, no matter how small Big: I Have completed various games. My last was a side scrolling prank about a co worker. Transformed it into a vertical shooter and modified heavily but never released. Need a designer to help with assets.


  • Phaser.io experience: Yep
  • Experience publishing HTML5 game to mobile.: Nope. However with Cordova or Phone Gap this shouldnt be to hard


  • European timezone: Sorry, Central -6:00 but not to far off.
  • Node.js experience: Ohh hell yes. I have been working in node for a while now and even use it in my day to day job.


I can also provide screen shots of things I have worked on and tinkered with if you want.

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