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Check Collision - create object


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Hi, i'm trying to create an object to the right of another object. I want it to check if there is an object that exists already, and if not then create the same object to the right 48 px. I tried this: 

grass = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'grass');        if (!grass.body.touching.right) {        game.add.sprite(grass+48, 0, 'grass');    }

but no luck. any solutions?


p.s. i'm fairly new to the Phaser framework, and i'm still learning how to do things like collision checking in phaser. Thanks!

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This is a function I am using from one of the phaser tutorials, it checks for overlap instead of collision though.


checkOverlap: function(spriteA, spriteB) {
var boundsA = spriteA.getBounds();
var boundsB = spriteB.getBounds();

return Phaser.Rectangle.intersects(boundsA, boundsB


It returns a matrix instead of just an X or Y value though, so you'll need to place the grass keeping this in mind. Then the return just returns a true or false for your conditional.


Hope that helps!


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