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Material from scene to scene


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Advice me, please.


How i can correctly use material from scene A to scene B?

I make clone of material, put material in scene.materials array, check paramets of material (its ok), material is assigned, but not render in other scene :(((



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Hi, Deltakosh!


I try reproduce in playground, but can't create one more canvas, scene, engine, etc. Sorry

// creating 2 canvas, 2 engine, 2 scenes (a and , loading each scene meshes and materials// next ...var tm;for (iMat in a.materials){	if (!!a.materials[iMat].clone){ // only StandardMaterial has clone()		tm=a.materials[iMat];		if (b.getMaterialByID(tm.id)==null){  // not replace old mat's			tm=tm.clone();			b.materials.push(tm);		}	}}// its not work. If out to console b.materials can see new materials,// but if assign any to mesh (myMesh.material=b.materials[anythingIndex]) // nothing changed in render view. 

Now i copy all properties from mat1 to mat2, for circumvent problem, but its so wild and horrible :huh:

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Hi, Deltakosh!


Sorry, i can't ansewer at once.


ok so perhaps you can share a page that reproduces the error somewhere (Please link to www.babylonjs.com/babylon.max.js) ?


But, i have more strange results :)

Please, see in https://www.clickon.ru/demo/3d/

first: it seems clone() do not clone material ID

second: assigning cloned material moved object and not set propertyes (in this case red color of diffuseColor).


What I do not understand? :(


And one more moment - if i do anyMaterial.dispose(), he's do not removed from objects, and continue stay on mesh? How i can correctly dispose material?

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Ok gotcha: this could not work as the scene MUST have the same engine (and the same canvas) to share resources

Hmmm... in this case i must made big common canvas and set non intersect viewports of cameras for create two separete area with 3d-render, yes?

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