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arcade tiles cant jump


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hi, my sprite is standing on tile floor but i can't jump ( body.velocity.y=-600 ) , when I jump on air it's work perfect.


also i'm using joystick from this tutorial https://medium.com/@netcell/a-virtual-joystick-for-phaser-f59a7a38a642 


there is onMove signal :

this.events.onMove = new Phaser.Signal();

... and in update

this.events.onMove.dispatch(direction, distance, angle);


when I enter in console archer.body.blocked.down or archer.body.onFloor() it's returning true, but when I console.log it on onMove event it's always false...


please help

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i think I might have an idea what is going on.


my character name adcher have .update method

and joystick also have update method


collision is dispatched on archer update and joystick uptate is always first. I't dont matter if I declare archer oj joystick first in my main function.


Maby...just maby if I could change order of updates, to archer update first than joystick, it will work. 

but I have no idea how to do that. how phaser decides which update goes first?

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