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Phaser 2.2.2 template project


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I made a simple template project on how to structure your code in multiple files. View it here: https://github.com/bluePlayer/practices/tree/master/Phaser2Structure


Additionally I created some helper functions to aid my self in development, you could find them useful too...


Things I would like to see in Phaser 2.3 or Phaser 3 are:


1. Asset key store where we could save keys of our assets and access them using just the name of the key, like a constant. Check the code there is a whole code about it.


2. Each game state should have KEY property holding the name of the State.


3. Additional functionality for transition between states, for example (fade out-fade in) or checker board or bubbles or whatever. Just a thought. I had to use Tween and hold all state objects in a group to fade them.


4. Maybe some support for GPGS or other scoreboard system if any. Just a thought.


I used the same code to build my APK file so there weren't changes and it worked on device.


Let me know your thoughts on the code.

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