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  1. This is my first time hosting a game. I have all the files up on GitHub and they all work when I run them locally, but when I go to the GitHub link I get these errors: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () - phaser.min.js Uncaught ReferenceError: Phaser is not defined at main.js:3
  2. Hello, I just have submitted a basic game around Phaser in the actual game jam https://reneromain.itch.io/githubgameoff2017 Feel free to discuss it in itch.io
  3. Hello guys, I'm really not a Web/OSS dev, I know 3D and programming, but I have to admit that I struggle to find a "decent" setup to contribute to babylon.js. What I propose is to gather the best practices on this thread and I will make a documentation on the Github project to avoid unnecessary future "me" struggling in the dark. I read other topics, but they focus mainly on setup/building, what I can't get working decently is the editing/dev experience. I think I got the Git/Fork/NPM part ok, I can build Babylon.js using gulp. But, using VSCode or Visual Studio I really ca
  4. This is just me complaining (because i know no better )... BUT OH MY GOOD GITHUB... Why is it SOOOOO complicated to keep up-to-date with a fork... I go look at how to keep up to date with my fork and its HALF a page of a bunch of command line this and command like that... or setup this and that... WHY IS THERE NO BUTTON I HIT that just "Brings me up-to-date" It is WAY easier for my just to delete the fork and re-fork for a clean copy... That can't be the only way to get cleanly caught up.. IS IT
  5. So i read it somewhere a few days ago the playground were open sourced by some individuals. I take a closer look at the code, i found at github. Now the question: So the half of it is missing. The Paths to the single source files needed are changed I think it is a good idea to make pull a requst first were all paths pointing again to https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js ??? and the do the hard stuff like, change buttons, ui, add new presets... textures. i think this is a difficult question. becourse the playground is running on a different server for now. and when
  6. I've created a starter template for my HTML5 games that I build with Phaser, and shared it on GitHub if anyone would be interested in using it. Here's the GitHub repo: github.com/EnclaveGames/Enclave-Phaser-Template Online demo: enclavegames.github.io/Enclave-Phaser-Template/ My short blog post: dev.end3r.com/2015/12/enclave-phaser-template-is-open-sourced/ I'm writing a tutorial to explain everything, but you can check the source code already and let me know what you think about it, or suggest any upgrades.
  7. Hello everyone! I forgot to present the game that I made some months ago. It was initially created for a school project. That was my very first project with Phaser and I'm not familiar with javascript pattern, so some pieces of code may be strange... But feel free to reuse for your own project. Source : https://github.com/cbaconnier/awaken Demo : http://clementbaconnier.com/awaken "speedrun" version : http://clementbaconnier.com/presentation/ (Made for the school presentation)
  8. Hi! First post on the forums, well I'm making a google chrome extension that generates a audio visualizer in real time for Youtube. It is in dev state and I'm making it to learn algorithms (for fun cof cof). All the images down here was generated in real time and downloaded from "Save image as..." from the webgl canvas. Here is the link for download (GitHub): YTAV Currently you can only change the settings through the console (with the 'vis' variable, it is a instance of the visualizer). Thanks, and any question, just ask!
  9. Hello guys I have started learning Phaser.js javascript library and need help/contributions to my game that I have started to make few days back. A sort of Super Mario type of game. I am struggling to design such games alone so I need help from you guys. What I want from you guys is... 1) Suggestions on what type of assets I should use in different phases of the game. 2) Generate your code to extend the functionalities of the game. 3) Also ideas on how to improve performance issues as my game is lagging quite a bit. In short I want a group of programmers working as team on this proje
  10. Just joined Cloud9 and would like to use the Phaser Asteroids example as a template for my first game. C9's wizard gives the option to "Clone from Git or Mercurial URL". The page at github is https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser-examples/blob/master/examples/arcade%20physics/asteroids%20movement.js. What I should be entering into the wizard's field? The wizard gives the examples of "ajaxorg/ace or git@githum.com:ajaxorg/ace.git" but I don't see anything on the Asteroids page that matches this format.
  11. I'm new. Yesterday I made my first game,it can run on my local webserver (wamp) ,but when I take it to the github,something wrong happened,I don't know how to fix it this is my git project address : https://github.com/glassysky/glassysky.github.io and you can open by : http://glassysky.github.io/ please tell me what's wrong with it,thx
  12. Hi everybody, I'm a web developer and I created a framework that enables users to play html5 games using their mobile devices as a controller. You can check out a demo at http://dillo.cc. It's really easy to use, so check it out It's an open-source project so feel free to contribute! You can find the source code on github https://github.com/wietsedevries/armadillo. If you have any comments or tips, feel free to contact me!
  13. I made a simple template project on how to structure your code in multiple files. View it here: https://github.com/bluePlayer/practices/tree/master/Phaser2Structure Additionally I created some helper functions to aid my self in development, you could find them useful too... Things I would like to see in Phaser 2.3 or Phaser 3 are: 1. Asset key store where we could save keys of our assets and access them using just the name of the key, like a constant. Check the code there is a whole code about it. 2. Each game state should have KEY property holding the name of the State. 3. Additiona
  14. My article and tutorial were both posted recently, so I'm sharing the news: 2D maze game with Device Orientation at Mozilla Developer NetworkMobile game development with the Device Orientation and Vibration APIs at Mozilla Hacks First one is the tutorial about the demo game Cyber Orb created with Phaser, the source code is available on GitHub. The second one is the article about the same game, but focused on explaining both APIs used: Device Orientation and Vibration. Hope it helps someone. Let me know if you have any feedback about those.
  15. Has anyone compiled a 'master list' of HTML5 games who have made their source code public on GitHub? [EDIT] A few resources below: GITHUB GAME OFF https://github.com/blog/1303-github-game-off https://github.com/blog/1674-github-game-off-ii PHASER GAMES http://pgl.ilinov.eu/ HTML5 GAMES LIST https://github.com/kaigani/HTML5-games-list
  16. I recently started learning Pixi.js and it is a wonderful library. However, it's hard for me to just look at examples and code and understand the mechanics. So, I started scouring google for tutorials on Pixi. But it's hard out there to find a decent tutorial, though I did find a few. So, I created a github repository to keep track of good tutorials. https://github.com/aksharpatel47/Learn-Pixi.js It only contains tutorials that have not been mentioned on the pixi's website or goodboydigital's blog. If you have any link that I can add, please reply or send in a pull request. It will be help
  17. Hello! I want to load my assets directly from GitHub but to do that, I have to specify the HTTP Header "Accept: application/vnd.github.v3.raw". I am able to load my GitHub assets with a XmlHTTPRequest and give the result to an Image (not Phaser.Image) instance, for example, but the Phaser's Loader can't because I can't set any Header. I've digged through the Loader's code and I'm able to submit a contribution to Phaser but my question is: "Is Phaser interested by this functionnality?" I can create my own external loader but I think it will be better integrated if it is in the Phaser's
  18. Hello ! I'm trying to load an image from a github repository into via Phaser. I basically do something like this: var path = "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LadybugRiders/kimisrescue/dev/assets/images/blue_sky.jpg";loader.spritesheet( name, path, width, height);Image that you can see here, just to show you it's accessible. I've tried doing my own XMLHttpRequest, and display the image in a <img></img> and it was working quite well. So, I looked in the forum and then set : loader.crossOrigin = "anonymous"That doesn't work either, as I still get the following error: Image f
  19. spkez

    Loading Images

    Hi, I'm new to this whole phaser thing, and I looked around for an answer to my question, but here I am. Here is the github project that I am working on. In my main.js file, which I have in the root directory of the project, I load the images as follows: // Load the imagesfunction preload(){ game.load.image('background', 'TagJam18/images/Background.png') game.load.image('platform', 'TagJam18/images/Platform.png') game.load.image('Wall', 'TagJam18/images/Wall.png') // Sprite sizes are inconsistent so there is no way to do these with constants // The only real way is to resize the windo
  20. I'm trying to get familiar with the Phaser framework, and organise my project properly to expand it into a game. So far it's looking good, Phaser has a lot of useful stuff For now, I've created a test project where several enemies should be moving around and the player has to catch them, simply by running into them. It's not really a game, just test project. It has the usual Phaser functions preload/create/update, a createSomeAnimals functino and a separate "Animal" class. I want the Animal class to contain all the logic for moving around. Unfortunately there is an error in the Animal constru
  21. Hi Guys, I started a new repository at GitHub for explaining Game Physics for newbie game programmers with JavaScript examples. There aren't many example right now but I will add more as I get time. It would be really great if you could contribute some of your physics knowledge. I am no expert in Game Physics and that's why I need some help in making this possible for new GameDevs who are in need of this. As always suggestions are very much appreciated but just stick to the topic "Simple Physics Models". Thanks. http://bit.ly/UDkLD7 is the link to my repository
  22. https://github.com/luizbills/phaser-project-base (work in progress) FeaturesWhen a javascript file is created inside src/sprite folder it's filled with a template for Phaser Sprites source. The same occurs on src/state folder, but is used a template for Phaser States (see _grunt/handlebars/templates). feel free to contribute
  23. Hello everybody !! I know it's been a long time since GitHub Game Off II finished (November 2013) but i haven't shown you my game yet. I just put it on itch.io and that's the occasion to present it ! The rules are simple : follow the rules !... ...To be clear : when in game, follow the rules displayed on the left board and make the fewest mistakes. The originality and difficulty are that these rules change !! ("Change" was the theme of the GitHub game jam) The game is especially fun and interesting while playing the 2-player versus mode : the most responsive one to change will win !The
  24. @enpu There's a project called "Bamboo" on Github which looks like an editor for Panda.js and under heavy development recently. I am curious about the date of release. Can you give me some guide of how to use it.
  25. I'm totally new to using something like GitHub, or Phaser or even JS ha, so few basic questions. I'm a bit unclear on what is meant on page 5 of downloading phaser, it says instead of just downloading the zip from GitHub you can use an application to get the files. I've got something called SourceTree installed on my Mac, and I've just cloned the phaser repository with that, so is that all correct for me to do so far? reason I ask is because the button at the top of the phaser tutorial mentions something about forking? should I have forked the phaser repository and then cloned the forked ve
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