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babylon with oculus


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I'm trying to get a simple scene working with the Oculus but I really dont understand how to get this to work.


There is no issue with the Oculus setup, I have loads of games and demos working. I ran the installation for the driver and am using IE 11


I have swapped my FreeCamera for an OculusCamera which gives me the dual windows in the browser but how do i get this sending to the Oculus itself. Moving the Oculus around doesnt do anything either and im not sure where i could check for the incoming events that the driver is meant to capture.



What am I missing here? Everyone else just seems to plug and play!





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if you rift is a dk2 it doesn't work, the driver was specified for a DK1.


But you can still use babylon and the rift. You need to use WebVR  with a compatible browser( link bellow) and then use the webVRCamera available in Babylon.


Unfortunatly WebVR technologie is a draft so spécification move quickly and aren't stable, that why currently the WebVRCamera doesn't work anymore ( delta work on it) so you must be patient.


if you really want to work on rift right now, you can download an old version of browser ( like chronium VR 41 <---- AREN'T STABLE AT ALL) and use the webVRCamera.

You might be change some axis because the quaternion to euler angle convertion do messy thing ( some math skill do the job :D ).


Chronium VR: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzudLt22BqGRbW9WTHMtOWMzNjQ


MozVR: http://mozvr.com/


WebVR: http://webvr.info/


WebVrCamera statut : http://babylonjs.uservoice.com/forums/267546-general/suggestions/7811055-to-update-the-webvr-camera


PS: be aware that WebVR is a draft and browsers like chronium are far from a Beta, FPS are divided by two and moreover latency and judder are inevitable.

That why currently, the rift experience with webVr disapoint a bit.


I hope i help you and sorry for my poor english skill.

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