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Problem with groups


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First off awesome engine, it is making game development with html5 so much easier.


Now on to the problem. Basically I noticed that when I have two empty groups and I try to check collision it fails when I have a third group. After some debugging I found out that the problem is with whatever first or maybe it is just whatever _iNext is in the group's container if it is empty.


Assuming first is supposed to be the first child I believe this is a bug.


Here is a quick snippet I made that replicates the problem. Basically if you uncomment group C the collide function will break. If group A and B actually have children then it works normally.

var phaser, groupA, groupB, groupC;(function () {	phaser = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.WEBGL, '',		{ preload: preload, create: create, update: update});})();function preload() {}function create() {	groupA = phaser.add.group();	groupB = phaser.add.group();	// groupC = phaser.add.group(); // <-- Uncomment to see groupB's first._iNext change.}function update() {	console.log(groupA._container.first._iNext);	console.log(groupB._container.first._iNext);	phaser.physics.collide(groupB, groupA, handleCollide, null, this);}function handleCollide(a,  {}
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