[Phaser] #MoneyTree - Das Kletterduell

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today I would like to present my 3rd Phaser Game: #MoneyTree - Das Kletterduell:


Inspired by Timberman I created a social game for o2 where you climb up a tree vs other players. On the way up you can collect real prices like Sony hardware, data packs or free Watchever abos.

To make it a bit easier you can use different powerups like a gigantic bird. If friends start to play with you you gain a superman cape for one run that works like 1 extra life.


We just went fully online on thursday and already broke 1.000.000 pageviews per day and so far over 1.000.000 matches have been played :-) 

To play you can just try out the "Demo" from the login screen. To win prices you need to live in Germany and signup with facebook or email. Just try it out.


I spent a lot time on the scaling settings. For mobile and smaller than < 984px resolutions the tree zooms out so you have enough view ahead. The game also tries to extend the tree view as much as possible. However once you have started you can only shrink the screen to avoid strange side effects. The scaling also tries to keep the original ratio you started with.


Since good players can go beyond 1000metres I also had to implement a good garbage collection and dynamic pretreebuilder.


The game itself only uses physics for the fps independent timer otherwise the tree trunks are set manually or if you use a powerup they are tweened.


I hope you enjoy it,






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