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Export mesh with pivot point at origin


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Not sure if this is a Babylon or Blender question. I've made a single mesh (an extruded letter) in Blender, exported it, and imported it into my BabylonJS script. I then have an ArcRotateCamera which rotates round it. by setting `camera.target` to be the imported mesh.


       Q = newMeshes[0];

       Q.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(5, -9, -15);

       camera.target = Q;
       camera.radius = 1.2;


It works, but the camera is sometimes further away from the letter, sometimes crashing through it. I.e. the reference point it is rotating around is the bottom-left of the glyph mesh.


In Blender I'd positioned the bottom left of the mesh at the origin. So I moved it, so that the centre of the mesh is at the origin, and exported again. But that made no difference at all. I think all I've done is move the position of the mesh in the blender scene, whereas I want to alter the internal reference point of just the mesh?



BTW, I found this http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/10118-set-origin-or-pivot-of-mesh/  But when I tried that:


    var matrix = new BABYLON.Matrix.TranslationToRef(0.23, 0, 0.15, Q.getPivotMatrix());


I get an error from inside the Babylon.js file itself:


    TypeError: this._pivotMatrix.multiplyToRef is not a function


(But, anyway, I really want to fix the model, not have to hack solutions over in the JavaScript.)

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This fixed the setPivotMatrix() problem:


    var matrix = BABYLON.Matrix.Translation(-0.46, 0, -0.30);


The magic numbers there came from the babylon file:



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Aha, I'd just dragged it.


My first attempt, just now, to use "Object->Transform->Geometry to Origin" did nothing, as I did it on the curve, then converted to a mesh.


My second attempt did work, yay! So the process is:

   Make text & extrude it

   Object -> Convert to mesh

   Object->Transform->Geometry to Origin

   File > Export to babylon format


Thanks :-)

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