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Angular Velocity in Phaser 2.3


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Running the new Phaser 2.3 and I've been trying all day to make a simple asteroids-type game going off the examples and the problem I'm having is--
game.physics.Arcade.velocityFromAngle(sprite.angle, 300, sprite.body.velocity);
this line of code seems to be crashing my program.

I copied it directly from phasers examples   http://phaser.io/examples/v2/arcade-physics/angular-velocity


Heres a copy of my code as proof I'm not just making mistakes elsewhere



There doesn't seem (to me) to be another way to get the ship accelerating forward based on its current direction


I'm running Linux (mint) if that matters at all



for example:


//this code works with something simple like  sprite.body.velocity.y = 200;  but when i enter the above line it freezes the game as soon as I press the up //key is pressed.

//using the other ways to say button isdown returned a black screen


 if (game.input.keyboard.isDown(Phaser.Keyboard.UP))

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Thanks for saying that! I didn't think about that, suppose I gave up too quickly


Yeah I'm getting this error:


TypeError: game.physics.startSystem is not a function
and when i press the UP button this error pops up

Strange, I'll try re-installing phaser to see if my download was messed up or something

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Alright so I got frusterated and deleted everything that has anything to do with phaser off my computer and did everything new and now it works.

Did everything the same way, even copy pasting my previous code from above and now it wants to work. I don't understand why but I'll keep going with it...

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