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A black box


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I'm hoping someone with more experience with Phaser than myself can help shed some light onto what's happening with a game I'm working on.


I'm seeing a black box covering my game on Safari and Chrome in portrait mode (iphone if it matters).



On desktop and mobile landscape mode, screen starts off black briefly before game appears.  No big deal.


On mobile portrait mode, the black "screen" doesn't go away and I get a black box covering 99% of the screen with the game running behind it (I can see the edge of one of my sprites poking out from underneath).


Appreciate any thoughts!




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Could be anything, but most likely sounds like an orientation screen or div in the page that isn't being removed / positioned properly. Phaser itself won't randomly create a black box for you, so something is triggering it somewhere. As it's your code, only you can work out where I'm afraid. But I'd start by looking at orientation code.

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I agree it looks an awful lot like a div that isn't being hidden.  But the page in question has no elements on it, and only contains a few lines of javascript to start the game.


I'd swear it was a loading/splash screen since it appears briefly before the game finishes loading, except I haven't defined one.  Very perplexing.  


I'll keep messing with it.  Thanks for the response!

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