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Looking to create a team of beginners/semi experienced game developers

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Hey guys,


Firstly I'd like to introduce myself, I'm FullOnHorse. I've been interested in programming since 2010. After getting kicked out of school I decided that I would like to enhance my knowledge in software development. I taught myself Visual Basic & took a course at college in software development. I started at the lowest level & worked my way up. After completing my HND I decided that i'd like to get into game development so i decided to apply for a course in Game Development at UNI & i got a direct entry into second year & have recently finished up for summer.


I'm looking to form a team in the near future. I've recently learned JS/jQuery & can see some real potential in it. I'm not gonna lie & say that i'm an expert in game development but I'm looking for other folk to develop games with & progress our skills together. All i'm really looking for is folk who are dedicated, understand working with objects & can write clean/neat code that would be easy to understand for other members of the team.


Primarily the team would be developing classic games with extra features to make it more fun & enjoyable. This is mainly to just work on the team team building skills. Then we will begin to make original games of our own on a bigger scale. As our games grow so will the team.


The kind of people i'm looking for is folk who are beginning out/semi experienced  in game development within html 5/js/jQuery. If you comment here to show your interest i'll send you more information on the first game I plan on creating with the team.


When games are published all credits will be given to each of the people who has worked on the game. The team will be run based on a serious of discussions between the members of the team. Everyones ideas will help to form the structure of the team to ensure all team members are happy!


Comment for more information on the team & first game i plan to develop with the team(I'll send it through PM). 


Thanks Guys! 

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I've also taken the solo route for a while now, about to finish up my first game. Woo!  I'll admit though, it's a bit boring working alone.  Motivation begins to run in short supply like this, so I'd also like someone to code with.


A little about me.  I have a long history working in C++, and I know the the standard web dev languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.  My real passion is UX.  I like to create things that not only work, but work best for the user.


So PM me and we can help each other out!

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