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All Game Assets Undefined If Outside Default Functions


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Greetings fellow Game Devs,


For some reason, all the set-up code that I do in the 'create' function becomes nullified once I call an external function from 'update'.


Basically, I am checking in 'update' if the skeleton sprite is colliding with the tilemap layer, and when it does, I call an external function called 'moveSkeleton' to set the skeleton velocity.


Except the console.log of 'update' says [object Object] while the console.log of 'moveSkeleton' says undefined.

GameStates.Game = function (game) {    this.map;  this.backgroundLayer;  this.blockLayer;  this.bg;    this.skeleton;  this.enemySpeed = 40;};GameStates.Game.prototype = {    create: function () {      this.bg = this.add.tileSprite(0,0,640,640, 'bg');      this.map = this.add.tilemap('myTileMap');      this.map.addTilesetImage('scifi_platformTiles_32x32', 'myTileSet');            this.backgroundLayer = this.map.createLayer('background');      this.blockLayer = this.map.createLayer('blocklayer');            this.setUpEnemy();      this.physics.arcade.gravity.y = 300;                  this.map.setCollisionBetween(781,786,true,'blocklayer');      this.map.setCollisionBetween(463,464,true,'blocklayer');      this.map.setCollision(779,true,'blocklayer');                },      setUpEnemy: function() {      this.skeleton = this.add.sprite(400,400,'skeleton');      this.physics.enable(this.skeleton, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);      this.skeleton.body.collideWorldBounds = true;      this.skeleton.body.setSize(16,40,0,-3);      this.skeleton.anchor.setTo(0.5,1);      this.skeleton.animations.add('move-enemy-right', [148,149,150,151], 10, true);      this.skeleton.animations.add('move-enemy-left', [118,119,120,121], 10, true);      this.skeleton.animations.play('move-enemy-tight',10,true);      console.log("setUpEnemy says this.skeleton : " + this.skeleton);    },      moveSkeleton: function() {console.log('moveSkeleton says this.skeleton : ' + this.skeleton);      this.skeleton.body.velocity.x = this.enemySpeed;    },      update: function () {      console.log('update says this.skeleton : ' + this.skeleton);      this.game.physics.arcade.collide(this.skeleton, this.blockLayer,this.moveSkeleton);    },};

I ran this exact minimal code and even tried to open and close Brackets. And I got nothing. 


Thank you for reading and helping out. You guys and gals are the best. =)

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