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Error in Tween/Easing.js.


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I was messing around with some tweens and the different variations of easing when I hit a couple of problems...


Uncaught ReferenceError: TWEEN is not defined

Looking in the Easing.js file, I found a few references to TWEEN in Bounce.In and Bounce.InOut...


Line 243:  

return 1 - TWEEN.Easing.Bounce.Out( 1 - k );
Line 271:
if ( k < 0.5 ) return TWEEN.Easing.Bounce.In( k * 2 ) * 0.5;return TWEEN.Easing.Bounce.Out( k * 2 - 1 ) * 0.5 + 0.5;

I replaced TWEEN with Phaser and everything was happy to play after that.


I tried a few searches and didn't find mention of this on the forum here, or on github, so I don't know if anyone is aware of this.

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