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Animations max number


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Hi guys, 

I have another little problem. Unfortunately I can't share too much code, but i 'll try to synthesize.


I have a park with 7,8 animals, all animals have plenty animations like,  from key 0 to 100 - walk animation, 110-180- run, etc.


When I load all animals, I try to start for each of them one animation, random from the entire film.

But animation start only for 3 or 4, when one is finished, start another animation, and so on, but after a few time the animations stop at a time.

And the others animals nothing do.

If i refresh the page, 3 other animals will be animated, and the others nothing, and so on.

I test the animations foreach individual animals, and works fine, but when I import more than 3 or 4 diferent animals the animation not start at all. And all animals have the same skeleton.

 And I can't explain why.



And a piece of code:

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("",url,"lion.babylon", scene, function (m, p, s) { m[0].active_animation = 1; m[0].skeleton = s[0];  var on_end = function(){     //stop actual animation     scene.stopAnimation(m[0].skeleton, setting[m[0].active_animation].from, setting[m[0].active_animation].to, false,1);     //choose one animation random from film     m[0].active_animation = parseInt((Math.random() * 10) + 1);     //start new animation     scene.beginAnimation(m[0].skeleton, setting[m[0].active_animation].from, setting[m[0].active_animation].to, false,1,on_end);  }  scene.beginAnimation(m[0].skeleton, setting[m[0].active_animation].from, setting[m[0].active_animation].to, false,1,on_end);});

Thanks a lot, and sorry my bad english.

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would be great to have this reproduced on the playground to be able to debug this. Can you try adding a bit mroe of the original code to playground?


A quick note about your code - 

Calling the function at the end of the animation is explicitly running it after the animation stopped. So there is no reason to call stopAnimation. In the same matter - stopAnimation takes only one parameter (target) and is anyhow called when executing begingAnimation (https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/Babylon/babylon.scene.ts#L679) , so this is redundant. But I doubt this is the problem...

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Hi, RaananW. 

I finally found the problem,  but I don't know if is a bug, or I  is a problem in my code. 



Here are solution: :)

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("",url,"lion.babylon", scene, function (m, p, s) {m[0].active_animation = 1;m[0].skeleton = s[0]; m[0].anim_fin = false;var on_end = function(){ m[0].anim_fin = true;}var check = setInterval(function(){  if(m[0].anim_fin){     m[0].active_animation = parseInt((Math.random() * 10) + 1);     scene.beginAnimation(m[0].skeleton, setting[m[0].active_animation].from, setting[m[0].active_animation].to, false,1,on_end);     m[0].anim_fin = false;  }},200)scene.beginAnimation(m[0].skeleton, setting[m[0].active_animation].from, setting[m[0].active_animation].to, false,1,on_end); });

And now, I'll try to explain the problem.


It enters the "on_end" function various times, at the end of one animation, not just once. I started an animation, it finishes and then enters the function "on_end"  3,4 times, not only one time, for each animation, then again in the function several times and so on until all the animations  get blocked.



I make a playground, but there work fine, u can see that in console.


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