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Programming a 2D Browsergame with Phaser


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Hello Guys,


i want to create a 2D browsergame with phaser. It should run on PC, Android, and Apple Devices.


I already programmed this game in Unity, but "Chrome" revoked the supprot for "Unity Player." I could export my game with WebGl Technology, but many users of older graphic cards or drivers cant make use of this technology.



Ideally i want to work with a graphic editor for placing my sprites, what would be the best to use (i heard so rumors of "Mighty Editor?" ) ?


What framework to render the files would be the best for my purpose?


And last question: How does WebGl technology in "Phaser" works? I want anybody to be able to play my game, also people who cant use "WebGl" technology.

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When you code your game using Phaser, you don't write any specific code for WebGL or Canvas. This is handled by the framework : it will try to force WebGL if possible, but then fallback on Canvas if not possible. So your code is theoretically compatible for all platforms.


MightyEditor is indeed a quite advanced UI editor. Here is the link to the form if you haven't found it already : http://www.html5gamedevs.com/forum/26-mightyeditor/


The editor itself : http://mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com/

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