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Rotate an object soglaen specified direction


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Greetings to all.I go straight to the point - I can not make the turn the ship according to the direction of flight. There is a lack of experience and knowledge. Please help.I laid out a project on their own domain and put the source code.


Thanks in advance. And finally the question - who can help with the project by writing tips?


Also, I can tell you about all those interested in the project through private messages.

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Beautiful scene, DH!  Now I better understand your quest.  Yeah, we can pretend plane or splane is our ground, and get click coords from that.  (getGroundPosition would become getPlanePosition)  :)


Yep, I think .lookAt will work for you... after some tweaking.


Nice stars.  A plane of stars, a second "star plane", and particles... real nice.  http://digitalhilsone.pw/scenes/system.js

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