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Android Deployment problem (CrossWalk)


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Sorry guys, i have problem deploying crosswalk version generated from Intel XDK,


I have succesfully run on a normal Android .apk deployment,

but it is just sooo slow that like about 10 fps.


So I deployed using Crosswalk to have a check,

But the problem is that Crosswalk generated arm apk file is corrupted when installed in my Mobile.


The screen become random sprites and it is like the game is crashed at loading.


Why is this happening? It all worked fine in normal deployment, emulator, web browser, but failed in Crosswalk.


Does anyone have a suggestion?

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I've done a Crosswalk build and I don't experience this problem.  Be aware that there are build options to set for what version of Android, Cordova and Crosswalk, as I recall.


Additionally, it builds two files - make sure you use the right one for your platform.  One is ARM, one is not.


Also, although the Crosswalk implementation is much faster than standard Android, it still is not as fast as Safari, sadly.

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Use crosswalk build 10. I tested 11 and 12 , but they have issues on KitKat, however they work fine on JellyBean and Lollipop . 10 works well on all versions.

Go to PROJECTS(click on the XDK folder icon)


Build Settings


Crosswalk version : select 10.

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