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Image read in console text/html


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I'm sory about my english before.


first of all I try to download Wants Candy Monster assets of gi. after that I tried to run in localhost initially all was fine. but when I downloaded my pictures from google and put the picture in the folder img, then I load images from preloade. then the picture I call on the create function, after that I tried to run but instead the picture does not appear. after that I tried to check my pictures teryata console extension of his recognizable as text / html.


can anyone explain to me why it could happen ?




Preloader :

Candy.Preloader = function(game){
// define width and height of the game
Candy.GAME_WIDTH = 640;
Candy.GAME_HEIGHT = 960;
Candy.Preloader.prototype = {
preload: function(){
// set background color and preload image
this.stage.backgroundColor = '#B4D9E7';
this.preloadBar = this.add.sprite((Candy.GAME_WIDTH-311)/2, (Candy.GAME_HEIGHT-27)/2, 'preloaderBar');
// load images
this.load.image('background', 'img/background.png');
this.load.image('floor', 'img/floor.png');
this.load.image('monster-cover', 'img/monster-cover.png');
this.load.image('title', 'img/title.png');
this.load.image('game-over', 'img/gameover.png');
this.load.image('score-bg', 'img/score-bg.png');
this.load.image('button-pause', 'img/button-pause.png');
// load spritesheets
this.load.spritesheet('candy', 'img/candy.png', 82, 98);
this.load.spritesheet('monster-idle', 'img/monster-idle.png', 103, 131);
this.load.spritesheet('button-start', 'img/button-start.png', 401, 143);
create: function(){
// start the MainMenu state
create function :
Candy.Game.prototype = {
create: function(){
// start the physics engine
// set the global gravity
this.physics.arcade.gravity.y = 200;
// display images: background, floor and score
this.add.sprite(0, 0, 'background');
this.add.sprite(-30, Candy.GAME_HEIGHT-160, 'floor');
this.add.sprite(10, 5, 'score-bg');
this.add.sprite(0, 0, 'images-s.png');
// add pause button
this.add.button(Candy.GAME_WIDTH-96-10, 5, 'button-pause', this.managePause, this);
// create the player
this._player = this.add.sprite(5, 760, 'monster-idle');
// add player animation
this._player.animations.add('idle', [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12], 10, true);
// play the animation
// set font style
this._fontStyle = { font: "40px Arial", fill: "#FFCC00", stroke: "#333", strokeThickness: 5, align: "center" };
// initialize the spawn timer
this._spawnCandyTimer = 0;
// initialize the score text with 0
Candy._scoreText = this.add.text(120, 20, "0", this._fontStyle);
// set health of the player
Candy._health = 10;
// create new group for candy
this._candyGroup = this.add.group();
// spawn first candy


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