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Question about grouping objects


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I've come from an OOP style background with AS3, etc. I'm struggling to work out how to groups things together (kind of like a movieclip in flash). So basically i want to create an object, which will have certain values i can access, but also have created several sprites, and bitmaptext associated with it. Example of how i want to create my object:


       var upgradeItem = new UpgradeItem(this, 25, 200+i*55, GAME_NAME.UpgradesAvailable.name, GAME_NAME.UpgradesAvailable.description, GAME_NAME.UpgradesAvailable.upgradePrice, GAME_NAME.UpgradesAvailable.priceMultiplier, GAME_NAME.UpgradesAvailable.sMultiplier, GAME_NAME.UpgradesAvailable.cMultiplier, i%4);   
        GAME_NAME.upgradeMenu.add(upgradeItem);  // Doesn't Work


// Where 'i' would be a count (in a for loop) to create several objects. And UpgradesAvailable[] is an array of information to be passed.


This works fine i believe and it creates the objects fine and puts them on screen,etc.


What i want to do is have this upgradeItem added to a Group (say MenuGroup), so I would have thought something like the following would have worked:



But it doesn't seem to like it.


My UpgradeItem code consists of some things, for example:



var UpgradeItem = function(game, x, y, upgradeItemName, upgradeDescription, upgradePrice, price, speed, cSpeed, bNumber){
    this._name = upgradeItemName;    
    this._description = upgradeDescription;
    this._upgradePrice = upgradePrice;
    this._pMultiplier = price | 1;
    this._sMultiplier = speed | 1;
    this._cMultiplier = cSpeed | 1;
    this._active = false;
    this._backgroundNumber = bNumber | 1;
    this._upgradeItemGroup = game.add.group();    
        case 0:
            this._background = game.add.image(x+10, y+36, 'uBackground1');
        case 1:
            this._background = game.add.image(x+10, y+36, 'uBackground2');
        default    :
            this._background = game.add.image(x+10, y+36, 'uBackground1');
    this._background.inputEnabled = true;
    this._background.input.useHandCursor = true;
    this.UpgradeItemName = game.add.bitmapText(x+30, y+48, 'Lobster',this._name,26,this._upgradeItemGroup);
    this.UpgradeItemDescription = game.add.bitmapText(x+180, y+48, 'Lobster',this._description,26,this._upgradeItemGroup);



You can also see from my code here that i'm trying to group the 'assets' (the text and sprites) into a seperate group.


Am I missing something really simple here?
Thanks for looking :)

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