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No canvas/webGL in mobile


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Good day, I'm experimenting with Phaser, trying to add circle primitives to arcade engine.

The problem is my current code works fine in desktop yet it produces nothing for my mobile browsers(window Phone and UC browser for windows phone)

even in canvas mode I'm just getting tetst list but no graphics

Test grounds are here: http://kirovreporting.ru/theGame/


To keep number of topics low, iwould like to also ask here these questions:

1) How to completelly override default collide() behaviour(i.e. even when I provide specific function to call on collide, Phaser still does his work, like changing velocities, etc)

2) I was trying to make bubbles constantly change colors through iterating all the hex numbers in tint - yet this produces mostly black bubbles - is there any way to change sprite over time from, say green to yellow, passing all colors inbetween?


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Hah! Finally found, what caused the crash.

The problem lies with


var dosmth = function(arg = 'defaultarg'){}


while desktop browsers do just fine with this idiom, WP8 was unable to make sense of it.


The additional question 1) still stands though.

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