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How to trace a line between 2 mesh and check for a collision ?


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Hi again ! :)


I have a plane with an other mesh behind.


I would like, when I click on the plane, trace a line directed to the back of the plane, and verify if there is a collision or not with the other mesh. 


I think I can create a line mesh, and update its size and check for a collision on each frame. No ? Maybe there is an other way ? 



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Yes the line should start at the mouse click position.


I want to know if at the mouse click position on the plane there is a match(collision) at the same coordinate somewhere behind the plane. Trace a line is just an idea 


But, I forgot an important detail ... Between my plane and my other mesh I have an other plane which I want to ignore

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That's simple -  the scene.pick function accepts a predicate - this is a function that defines which meshes shouzld be picked and which shouldn't.
so (for example):

scene.pick(scene.pointerX,scene.pointerY, function(mesh) { return mesh.id == "idOfMeshToBePicked" })

You could also use the scene.onPointerDown and set the isPickable value to false to unpickable meshes and true to the pickables.

Like this - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3TCRC

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I can set true just to the pickable mesh behind the plane because I need a pickinginfo on the plane too.


Your first solution works very well ! I defines the mesh behind the plane "pickables" with its ID and it works !


Thanks !

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