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How Can I Create diferent size spritesheets using the same image on Phaser


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Hello, I am relatevely new on phaser, I started building a prototype of a slide puzzle with phaser, wich is pretty basic stuff, just to get started, I have managed it pretty well so far, the thing is I want to put several dificulty levels, by dividing the image on more smaller squares, wich makes it harder, so, I use spritesheets like this:






The thing is that aparently this way I have to load the image every time for each diferent size spritesheet. Wich for a large ammount of images, it is a problem, loading the same one several times.


My cuestion, is there a way of fixing this, meaning: Can I make the different size spritesheets, from the same image, loading it only one time ?


Thanks a lot

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