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Camera more sensitive to touch in mobile device


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Compared to mouse drag events on desktop browser, babylon camera seems to be much more (2x or 3x) sensitive on mobile device when using touch/swipes. 


This is probably because when we swipe by finger over the mobile phone screen , we cover 80% area of screen normally in one swipe. While when doing by mouse in browser, in drag we usually cover 20-30 % screen area. So I am guess this difference is making camera more sensitive in mobile device when touch is used. 


Is there anyway we can reduce sensitivity only for mobile device . May be in hand.js somewhere ? Or we have to detect type of device and then change camera.speed accordingly ?



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To change camera sensitivity you have to change camera.angularSensibility.


You can detect device type to change that value for mobile only,

or extend ArcRotateCamera and change behaviour in _onPointerMove and _onMouseMove

or detect events and change angularSensibility according to event.pointerType (can be event.POINTER_TYPE_MOUSE, event.POINTER_TYPE_PEN, or event.POINTER_TYPE_TOUCH)

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