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Drag and rotate container - Error on mouse position


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Hi guys,


i've just started with pixi.js and everything is pretty new for me.

I'm trying to create a container that can be rotated by dragging.

I'me studying all the math stuff (radians, angles, etc.) but before this i need to get the position of mouse pointer related to the container.

So that's the idea: click on a Sprite, drag it and the whole container rotate.


So this is the code a wrote until now

// create a renderer instance.var renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(1024, 1024);// add the renderer view element to the DOMdocument.body.appendChild(renderer.view);var stage = new PIXI.Container;stage.position.x = 1024 / 2;stage.position.y = 1024;stage.velocity = 0;// create a texture from an image pathvar pallaTexture = PIXI.Texture.fromImage("assets/images/palla.svg");// create a new Sprite using the texturevar palla = new PIXI.Sprite(pallaTexture);palla.anchor.x = 0.5;palla.anchor.y = 0.5;palla.position.x = 0;palla.position.y = 0;palla.scale.x = 1;palla.scale.y = 1;palla.interactive = true;palla.buttonMode = false;palla.mousedown = function(data) { this.data = data; this.alpha = 0.6; this.dragging = true;}palla.mouseup = function(data) { this.alpha = 1 this.dragging = false; // set the interaction data to null this.data = null;}palla.mousemove = function(data) { if(this.dragging) {  var mouseX = data.data.originalEvent.pageX;  var mouseY = data.data.originalEvent.pageY;  //Mouse position  var mouse = new PIXI.Point(mouseX,mouseY);  //Mouse position relative to DisplayObjectContainer  var point = stage.toLocal(mouse);  }} stage.addChildAt(palla, 0);// kick off the animation loop (defined below)animate();function animate() { stage.rotation += stage.velocity; // start the timer for the next animation loop requestAnimationFrame(animate); // render the stage    renderer.render(stage);}

So i know that i need all the math to get the velocity variable but the first error i get is

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'worldTransform' of null

related to this line 

var point = stage.toLocal(mouse);

Could you please explain why i'm getting this error? Thanks a lot!


By the way, if you have some resources on how to get the "dragging and rotate" result, i'll be very grateful. Thanks.

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UPDATE: Nevermind, I updated to last pixi version and now it works fine :D


Hello Xerver, 

I'm having problems applying getLocalPosition with a rotated graphic:


rectangle, is the object I'm rotating and whom I'm applying getLocalPosition

circle, is a little circle I'm positioning where I pressed click


It works fine when rectangle is not rotated, but when it's rotated not. (see image)



var rectangle = new PIXI.Graphics()
rectangle.rotation = 0.2
rectangle.interactive = true
var circle = new PIXI.Graphics()
function onMD (e) {
var p = e.data.getLocalPosition(e.target)
circle.x = rectangle.x+p.x
circle.y = rectangle.y+p.y
What can I do? I've tried everything..
Thanks for your help :)
PS: Sorry for my bad english

UPDATE: Nevermind, I updated to last pixi version and now it works fine  :D


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