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Passing custom data to "on" function


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I have an array of objects, each object includes a sprite and a bunch of extra data (position data, flags etc). I give each object an "on" mousedown function on the sprite like so:


selectableContainers.push(createSprite(data).sprite.on('mousedown', onPressed));

//createSprite returns an object with a sprite and the other data


When the sprite is pressed I need to move it using the data in the object but of course in the onPressed function I only have access to the sprite, not the object that contains the sprite and therefore I do not have the positional data to use.


Is there anyway to either get that data into the onPressed function or perhaps a way for me to know which object in my selectableContainers array this event has triggered on?





this.position = objectData.newPosition; //get the objectData for this sprite into this function?




this.position = selectableContainers[ thisObjectsId ].newPosition; //find thisObjectsId from this sprite?



I am struggling to find a way around this but it seems like there should be something quite straightforward that allows me to do what I want that I have perhaps missed?


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Have you tried using Function.prototype.bind?

var spriteData = createSprite(data);selectableContainers.push(spriteData.sprite.on('mousedown', onPressed.bind(spriteData));//  ...function onPressed() {    // `this` is now the sprite data object    console.log(this.sprite);    console.log(this.newPosition);}
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