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How does mesh.simplify() work ?


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I'm trying to add some simplified skull meshes into my SPS.

I'm following this doc and this related PG : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2JBSNA#4


The thing I don't get is :


Is the original mesh modified after the simplication process (meaning : it has then less vertices and indices than before) ?

Or are new instances created somewhere (submeshes ?) ?



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mesh.simplify({...}, true, QUADRATIC,function() {   var simplified = mesh.getLODLevelAtDistance(distance);});

where "distance" can be set by you, as you gave it in the settings.


Another way aould be to directly use the simplification, I documented it shortly here - http://doc.babylonjs.com/page.php?p=24822 , scroll all the way down.

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Ok, that's exactly what I need : the direct simplication !

I need to import the skull mesh, then to simplify it, then use a simplified instance as a shape model for my 3D particles (it runs for now with complete skulls but the FPS decreases to 30 with only 6 skulls)


So what is the way to do ?

var decimator = new QuadraticErrorSimplification(skull);

Then I set, if needed the decimator properties (iteration, aggressiveness, etc).

Then ... ?

mesh.simplify( what here ? I don't need distance, neither many different decimation levels);

How do I actually run the decimation and where is the simplified instance ?

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you will need to give one single Settings object. The distance will technically not be used. So:

var decimator = new QuadraticErrorSimplification(skull);decimator.simplify({ quality: 0.9, distance: 25, optimizeMesh:true }, function(newMesh) {   console.log("Profit!!!", newMesh);});

will give you newMesh, that will be the mesh you wanted.
In theory this should work :-)

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thannnnk so much you Raanan !!! :D


The results locally are impressive in Chrome : I can emit 100 skulls at 60 FPS here


[EDIT] 150 is the limit at 60 FPS on my machine

I feel surprised by my own SPS... and BJS power !

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