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Question about Tiled + tile images in object layer.


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I am trying to layout some tiles in a tiled map and load them into phaser (2.3.0).

I've tried some tilemaps from opengameart which are layed out in columns of 5-6 tiles per row. In this example, the  map.setCollisionBetween(x,y) was not working (I had my main char passing like air), even using game.physics.arcade.collide(player, layer);


I then created a simple map of one row with 6 tiles and set map.setCollisionBetween(1,6); and it worked.


Now I want to show the Object Layer 1 of tiled. I am using the same tilemap for blocks and objects.


I've added the following things in the create() function (after loading the tilesetImage / setCollisionBetween):


ladders = game.add.group(); // new sprite group of objects

map.createFromObjects('Object Layer 1',4,'objects',0,true,false,ladders);   // map points to Tilemap objec, ladders is a group


// Draw tile layer

layer = map.createLayer('Tile Layer 1');


Even though it should have been the third tile, it shows the first tile as an object. Is there any example relative to what I am trying to do?

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