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Is my choice of engine limiting my options?

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I have been using Gamemaker Studio(GM:S) and Construct 2 for mobile & HTML5 games for over a year now, self publishing my work. Recently I have given licensing a try, contacted about 5 companies, worked out a deal for one license for a mobile game that was made with GM:S but the HTML5 version was made in Construct 2. I was also contacted from a few companies about doing some contract work for HTML5 games with mobile versions as well, but all of them were looking for HTML5 games made with Cocos2d-JS or Phaser specifically. I know there are people, True Valhalla for example that get along fine with using just GM:S, I'm just wondering if I am limiting my options for selling licenses and doing contract work by using Gamemaker and Construct 2 and not Cocos2d-JS or Phaser. From what I have read on here some of the bigger sponsors aren't even accepting Construct 2 games. Would moving to Cocos or Phaser be a smarter move for working in both licensing and contract work?

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