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Bounding box collisions


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I have started using BabylonJS for a simple space shooter game. I want to add collision detection between objects, collision detection is enough, I don't need realistic physics.


The tutorial on collisions uses ellipsoid to make the camera collide with bounding boxes of a crate and the ground. Is it possible to do boundingbox to boundingbox collisions without using a physics engine such as cannon.js/oimo?


Here's example of my problem:




I would like for collision detection to prevent the spaceship from flying into the cube, however now it seems it only seems to collide with a single point located at 0,0,0 of the spaceship. You can see the bounding boxes aren't colliding at all allowing the meshes to overlap.


Is it possible to enable bounding box collisions for a mesh rather than a single point? Thanks.



P.S. part of my project is about comparison of various WebGL engines, so far BabylonJS leaves a much better impression than Three.JS for me :)

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